REMINDER: Shabbos Burglaries, you CAN call police – Harav Shlomo Miller Paskens


GL has learned a question was posed to one of the Poskei Hador, Harav Shlomo Miller regarding calling Police on Shabbos.

The questioner explained that Lakewood was hit the past 2-3 months with burglaries every Shabbos, and asked if one may call Police if he sees a robber in his home.

Harav Miller ruled if a burglar is in one’s home, you may call Police. (Once he leaves your home, it is another question.)

The same Shaila was asked to other Senior Lakewood Poskim but they deferred to Harav Miller.


  1. So you need the rabbi to tell you that if a burglar is in your house you can call the cops? Kinda pikuach nefesh sounding to me.


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