Short some votes, NJ Senate postpones vote on religious exemptions for vaccines


The NJ Assembly passed a bill eliminating the religious exemption from vaccines. However, the State Senate was short a vote or two forcing them to postpone the vote. The bill was postponed till Jan 9th.

Last week New Jersey Senate committees voted to advance a bill that would remove the religious exemption on vaccines.

The bill comes following a measles outbreak in Orthodox Jewish areas. Fact is most Orthodox Jews vaccinate. In Lakewood, estimates have it at over 95% of the population. Additionally, most leading Rabbinic leaders require vaccinations however a few oppose – most notably Harav Malkiel Kotler and Harav Elya Ber Wachtfogel.

Regardless, Pro Vaccination Rabbanim are against this bill noting once we allow the Government to remove religious exemptions, we never know where it can end. (What will stop them from halting security funding for schools or institutions with separate seating etc…)

Rabbanim are so opposed to this bill that Harav Shmuel Meir Katz – one of Lakewood’s leading Poskim, spent one day ;last week in Trenton advocating against the bill.

The Agudah (pro-vaxxers) and all Gedolim associated with them are against the religious exemption bill. Dr Roberts is pro the bill.



    call the reps. Religious freedom is to sacred to give up!

    This is not about pro or anti vaccines- this is about religious freedom. once they regulate this, they can regulate what we teach about too. And what about end of life issues? now they legislated that a person has the right to end his life. Just wait till they say a parent cant decide to keep a child alive on a respirator! They already do this in England!

  2. What does vaccinations have to do with religion. Rabbis kotler and wachtfogel don’t vaccinate their families but that has nothing to do with religion. They also eat carrots does that mean we should eat carrots. In Rabbi Kotlers own yeshiva you must vaccinate if you want to be in the dorm. Maybe terrorists should be let off the hook if they claim religious exemption? No one does not vaccinate because their Rav told them they can’t. they choose not to vaccinate the same way non religious people choose not to vaccinate.

    • We are not discussing here whether it has to do with religion or not. We will find that out with mashiach when all truths will be revealed!
      For now, since our government has a clause to allow exemption for religion when it comes to vaccination, we need to know that by removing that we are allowing them to tamper with our rights as religious JEws.
      Can we afford to lose bris milah, as the medical academy decides it is a medical procedure???
      Can we afford to allow the freedom to practice religion to be stripped just because it is beyond your scoop of understanding why people would use religion as a reason not to vaccinate?
      And about Roberts, we will leave it up to Hashem to decide if his acts were lshem shmayim and needs to be commended for it!

  3. All jews must oppose this bill: once we allow the Government to remove religious exemptions, we never know where it can end. (What will stop them from banning bris mila on the 8 day???? the will say it is not healthy – would be hard to argue it is….


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