60% OF GOAL REACHED – SHOW YOU CARE: Ateres Tziporah parents launch Chessed Fund Page


Following the Ateres Tziporah drama, over 100 girls were left without a school. A new school BYOC was announced but is not ready yet and no hard date has been announced.

Last week GL posted a letter from a parent saying, “As a father, I cannot describe the utter heartbreak and hopelessness that has become our lives. But somehow, aside from some dedicated askanim, the town has moved on.”

In the interim, ‘Bais Yaakov Ahavas Yisroel’ was created by parents so their daughters have a school.

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In a beautiful display of unity, GreaterLakewood posted a story where an Ateres Tziporah parent went to Capitol Seforim to purchase Chumashim, siddurim, and other items for the new Bais Yaakov Ahavas Yisroel and a ‘random man’  left an open credit card and paid for everything.

Parents launched a ‘cheesed fund’ page where people can assist with lunches, crafts, etc.

The page says ‘They didn’t ask fo be left out of the school system. They didn’t ask to be forgotten. They only want to show up in the morning and have a classroom filled with friends and a smiling teacher. Can’t we give that to them?

You donations will help fund the following:

  • School supplies
  • Hot lunch
  • Crafts
  • Textbooks

We can’t bear to see our daughters sit home feeling overlooked so we’ve decided to pitch together a temporary program until more permanent solutions are in place.

We’ve called our new “school” Bais Yaakov Ahavas Yisroel and we’ve been welcoming girls who are awaiting placement in other schools or the opening of a new school to our small, warm classroooms to learn, spend time with peers and keep their academic skills sharp.

It’s not fancy but our girls are thrilled at the prospect of having a place where they belong.

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In the meantime, a letter was sent out from BYOC saying:


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