Stocks grew more under President Trump than anyone else


CNBC reports President Donald Trump’s stock market stacks up well against the majority of his presidential predecessors.

The S&P 500 has returned more than 50% since Trump was elected, more than double the 23% average market return of presidents three years into their term, according data from Bespoke Investment Group dating to 1928.

The bellwether index gained more than 28% this year, well above the average 12.8% return of year three for past U.S. presidents. 


  1. And so did my taxes. I paid $5,000 more under the Republican tax increase of 2017. I do not have kids under 18.

    Never have I been affected so much by an act of Congress. It is not fair. We have had exemptions ever since I entered the work force. With a stroke of the pen, WITH ONLY 15 DAYS OF DEBATE, Congress wipes out personal exemptions. I lost $4,000 in deductions each for me, my wife and two kids that live at home. They want everyone to go the standardized deduction by wiping out the exemptions. It is not fair because I bought a house because I figured that it would be a large tax deduction. There is not longer a tax incentive to own a home. And not to mention the SALT. So I now had $25,000 more in taxable income 2018 that in 2017 even though I made the same amount of money.

    So how can you celebrate stocks, which went up because they raised my taxes and every other middle aged person, and ruined the tax benefit of home ownership, a decades old American tradition, because they do not want people to itemize any more?


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