SUBMITTED: ‘Kosher’ Youtube show turns ‘not so Kosher’ – The dangers of Modern Orthodoxy


Dear GL, I hope you allow this to be posted on your website.

I know a number of Lakewood residents who watch a ‘youtube show’. I would guestimate the numbers to be in the hundreds – likely over one thousand.

The show launched a few years ago. It was the first real Kosher Jewish themed TV-style show and was available to watch on youtube.

There were different episodes but the themes were all shidduch related – and Jewish themed discussing Orthodox Jewish life – throughout.

Granted it was not ‘Yeshivish life’, but it was orthodox.

I personally watched it as a ‘kosher outlet’ and many people I know had the same reasons.

Until this happened.

The most recent episode took a twist going from Orthodox Jewish life to condoning people who go against the Torah.

They had the chutzpah to discuss, promote and focus on the Orthodox Jewish LGBT community – which is an oxymoron, but then Modern Orthodoxy is as well so the actors and actresses likely just don’t get it.

The shows were great and Kosher – but then they attack. Try to stuff liberal anti-Torah values into a show.

Literally like the Misyavnim at the times of Chanukah.

It’s clearly all about the ratings – nothing about religiosity.

It does appear (based on articles & interviews) that the actors are not truly Orthodox – in the slightest. They are just acting as such. Perhaps after this episode, I will refer to the show as “Jewish Missionaries.” With the intention of bringing “Open orthodoxy” to Mainstream Orthodoxy.

It seems to me that this is the issue with modern orthodoxy, they have no hard limits, the words “modern” and “orthodox” are oxymoronic. Then they move to “open Orthodox” which essentially is a “suped-up conservative version” and from there they become a potent mess.

I won’t let that happen. I unsubscribed to their Yout tube channel, and so should you.

Sarah L.

Below are some comments on their anti-Torah “kosher” episode

“So disappointed!! I thought this was a religious show, and was soo disappointed with the content.”

“That’s it for me and family. Thought it would be appropriate for me and my kids. But rubbing all this stuff in our face made me shut it off. Definitely not orthodox”

“I feel that we’ve been cheated. Here I am thinking this is a nice Kosher show to watch and them bam..they HAD to add LGBTQ in there. I wish you’ve went a different route especially because you’re gearing towards the orthodox crowd. I’ve been waiting for the episode to come out and I’ve loved all the other episodes.they were clean kosher with a modern twist but not too modern and funny. But once I saw the yoga instructor…..I realized what’s going on . Just like the whole world is putting it down our throats so is this show..were Jewish orthodox people..yes there are some gays in the community but now you’re normalizing it that it’s common and ok ! I wish you found a different storyline and I’m hoping u didn’t t do it for better publicity…”

“Very disappointed with the route you took with this episode. We see enough of this liberal propaganda elsewhere. Unsubscribing.”

“I can’t tell what they’re pitching harder, liberal propaganda or sponsorship ads. This show jumped the shark.”

One of the shows previous sponsors as well slammed the storyline saying:

“I was watching it with my kids … thought it was family friendly. Had to turn it off. I don’t think it’s (an) appropriate topic for this type of work. I’m very disappointed.”

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  1. I saw the episode and was disgusted. I’m not sure though why you’re bashing an entire community for something a few individuals were involved with

    • I have not seen the show – but I understand the author to be saying these things only happen in the MO community since nothing really makes sense. Their guidelines & rules are bendable and always move. That is why they are battling with off the derech – more than anyone anywhere. They have an insane intermarriage rate!
      Open Orthodoxy and chovivei torah came from Modern Orthodoxy… Although the Young Israel remains pretty firm…

  2. I watched all the episodes. Was a great show – this recent episode was so bad. They can do as they please – just don’t call it Jewish, This letter was spot on.
    I applaud Greater lakewood for having the courage to speak out.

  3. It’s actually not about the ratings. If you read the interviews they gave, this was their goal from the outset-to”include marginalized voices from the orthodox Jewish community”. The carefully crafted the characters for months in consultation with Jewish toeiva advocacy organizations, one of them being the co-sponsor of the latest show. Thousands of frum people were “had” by their carefully crafted agenda.

    Maybe this should serve as a lesson that sometimes daas torah does know a little better than us.

  4. Ok. There is NOTHING remotely kosher about this show!!

    How is it that you overlooked the women in (yoga) pants, the flirting, the lack of “shomer negia” and many other aspects of this show that aren’t kosher, but the LGBTQ stuff got you bothered?!

    Clearly you are just HOMOPHOBIC, because if you really cared about non-kosher content, the other stuff would have been bothered you as well, and not overlooked.

    Did you really expect a show that distorts orthodox dating life and portrays it in an inaccurate and inappropriate way, wouldn’t discuss LGBTQ stuff?!

  5. So a few people who make one show do something that the author of this letter doesn’t like, and the author writes sinas chinam against a whole group of Jews. If I find a video of chareidi-looking Jews trying to keep the doors open to their gay kids, will the author take that as an indictment of all chariedi Jews? If a chossid is convicted of sexual crimes, is that an indictment of all chassidim?

    Anyone who thinks clear how to deal with rwligious Jews facing challenges is being dishonest or stupid. Its not clear. The world has challenges and uts not pashut to know how to deal with them in a way that brings Jews (includong kids of frum families) back. Its complex and its hard. I haven’t seen this Youtube show and can’t comment on it, but sinas chinam is not the answer.

  6. I totally understand why we are upset…but I gotta admit that it would be nice if we didn’t have to hide everything in shidduchim…yea in this show the issue was having a gay brother but c’mon so many families have other to things that are top-secret cuz what if the neighbors know. Just a thought

  7. Watching a group of people lacking yiras shomayim & talking about inyonei znus is certainly something to avoid. My question is what is our response to the growing awareness that some people don’t fit in the traditional model of marriage. Should these people which represent 1-2 % of the population be getting into a situation that hurts themselves & their marriage partner? 1-2% of a population means that thousands of frum yidden have no health place in our community. They don’t understand themselves & cannot relate properly in a relationship.


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