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Rabbi Eisemann Trial Update; Appeal Process Timeline

As the community continues to daven and show support for beloved community member R' Osher Eisemann, the appeals process is underway, and this is...

Update on R’ Eisemann’s Motion to dismiss the case

The prosecutor requested an extension to file his counter motion against the defenses motion to dismiss the case entirely.

READ: Motion filed to acquit R’ Eisemann; summarized & explained

Some background that led up to the this point. Understanding the Verdict: There were 5 counts on Rabbi Eisemann and 4...

72 Hour Pidyon Shvuyim Campaign for R’ Eisemann

To donate go here. Our Help Is Now Desperately Needed To Set Rabbi Eisemann Completely...

Read: Defense Attorney Lee Vartan’s statements on R’ Eisemann’s verdict

Read the verdict & updates HERE Read: Message From Rabbi Eisemann HERE Statement from Defense Attorney...

Mi K’amcha Yisroel

With Rabbi Eisemann’s imminent verdict, the entire Lakewood community is joining together in Tefilla and Pidyon Shvuyim for our beloved community member,...

Reader Submitted: Let’s Not Let R’ Eisemann Down

In a few short minutes, after Superior Court Judge Ben Bucca Jr. finishes explaining the jurors in courtroom 308 what their obligations...


Greater Lakewood has learned that this afternoon is potentially a very pivotal time in the Eisemann trial. Tehillim at this time could...
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