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WATCH: The IDF engineering unit trains under highways


Two IDF Soldiers Wounded By Gunfire On Border With Gaza

Two Israeli soldiers were wounded Friday evening while on patrol along the border with Gaza, after shots were fired at their unit.

Israel bombs Syria injuring multiple Syrian soldiers, killing some Iranians

A suspected Israeli air strike on a military site in central Syria early on April 13 wounded six soldiers and destroyed several...

WATCH: IDF TO U.N. commission: ‘This is not a poetry reading’


WATCH: The IDF Teases Its Enemies, Then Releases Previously Classified Info...

Late Tuesday night, at 11:00 PM, the IDF tweeted out the following message: https://twitter.com/IDF/status/1105664906748194818 An...

Israeli navy fires U.N. fishing boat

Israeli navy ships attacked, Friday, several fishing boats northwest of Gaza city, and arresting four ‘fishermen’. The WAFA...

Two Iranian officers killed by IDF strike

Two officers from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were killed by tank fire attributed to Israel near the city Quneitra in southern Syria...

Israeli Tanks Attack Syrian Targets

Syrian News Agency reported on Monday that the Israelis launched an attack with shells on Quneitra, and the damages were limited to material...

Report: Egypt prevented a conflict between Israel & Hamas

Hamas sources claim Egypt stepped in to prevent a clash between Israel and the terrorist group on Sunday, Donia al-Watan reported according to Walla news on...

IDF-US Joint exercise takes place in Israel

300+ US servicemen and women have landed in Israel for Juniper Falcon, the main IDF-US exercise of 2019. Side by side, we...
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