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Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Kinneret Rises Another 5 Centimeters Over The Weekend

The Kinneret rose another five centimeters (.16 feet) over the weekend and currently sits at 211 meters and 67 centimeters below sea...

Kinneret Rises Another 6 Centimeters on Tuesday

The Kinneret rose another six centimeters on Tuesday, bringing it to -211.80 meters (694 feet) below sea level by Wednesday morning, Israel’s...

Kinneret Rises 25 Centimeters Since Friday

The Kinneret's water level rose by another 10 centimeters (approximately four inches) since Monday, Israel’s Water Authority reported Tuesday.

Kinneret Rises 15 Centimeters Since Friday, More Rain Expected

The Kinneret's water level rose 11 centimeters in a single day, and 15.5 centimeters since Friday, Israel’s Water Authority reported Monday.

Kinneret Rises Over 6 Centimeters On Sunday

The Kinneret's water level rose 6.5 centimeters since Sunday, and currently stands at 212.35 meters below sea level, Israel's Water Authority reported...
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