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List of Lakewood Chol Hamoed Attractions – under 30 minutes away!

Note the Jersey Shore Children's museum has closed We recommend calling locations beforehand to make sure they are...

GL – Your Pesach headquarters

BEFORE PESACH Toms River Biur Chometz Will Have Dumpsters, Fire Truck For Kids Relevant Halachos...

Toms River Biur Chometz Will Have Dumpsters, Fire Truck For Kids

As reported, Toms River will have their first Biur Chometz this year There will be a Garbage and recycling...

Biur Chometz locations in Lakewood

Only use a pre-designated and authorized Biur Chometz site which will be available from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

What do you do if you find Chometz on Pesach?

By: Rabbi Mordechai Frankel of the Star K Erev Pesach (after the time of Biur Chometz) If...

Pesach Spirit: Check out ‘Matzah clothing’ for the family!

Kids Matzah bib - $19.99 - Check it out Matzloh Bib - Most kids...

Citi Field Will Offer Kosher L’Pesach Food

For the first time ever, the Citi Field Kosher Stand will be selling Kosher for Passover food during Chol HaMoed as the...

Kosel Undergoes Safety Check, Pesach Cleaning

The bi-annual inspection of the stability of the Kosel stones took place Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The Western...
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