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Lakewood Zmanim & Weather Forecast [Parshas V’aera]

Hadlokas Neiros: 4:47 Shkiah: 5:05 Divrei Torah - HERE Shabbos Weather Forecast:

Lakewood Zmanim and Weather Forecast Shabbos Chol Hamoed

Hadlokas Neiros: 5:55Shkiah: 6:13 Shabbos Weather Forecast: Friday Night: Low 38 - no rainShabbos Day: High 62...

Shabbos Parshas Nitzavim: Zmanim & Weather Forecast

Hadlokas Neiros: 6:28Shkiah: 6:46 Shabbos Weather Forecast: Friday Night: Low 59  Shabbos Day: High...

TODAY: National Weather Service -MASSIVE storm expected to hit

A massive storm is expected to hit the greater Lakewood area on Tuesday with up to three inches of rain, strong winds, and...

This week: Rain, rain & more rain

This week is going to be a washout with rain expected every single day. Forecasters are predicting heavy...

Lakewood Zmanim & Extended Shavous Weather Forecast [Parshas Bamidbar]

Hadlokas Neiros: 8:05Shkiah: 8:23 Shabbos Weather Forecast: Friday Night: Cloudy | Low 60Shabbos Day: Stunning day | High...

Weather Forecast for Taanis Esther & Purim

On Wednesday, Taanis Esther, the temperature is expected to reach the low 50's, with nice clear skies, and no rain.

N.J. DOT Issues Winter Weather Congestion Alert

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) issued a Winter Weather Congestion Alert for Friday, March 1, based on the forecast for...

Lakewood Zmanim and Weather Forecast [Parshas Tetzaveh]

Hadlokas Neiros: 5:14Shkiah: 5:32 Friday Night: Low of 33Shabbos Day: High of 43 No rain is expected over shabbos except for a brief period at the beginning of shabbos. (AccuWeather)

Weather advisory: Expect 1-3 Inches of snow tonight

Ocean County Sheriff's Office put out the following "Winter weather advisory in effect until noon Tuesday. Expect 1-3 inches of snow overnight!"
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