THE END: Rise Up Ocean County’s Private Page Was Removed By Facebook


The infamous hate group Rise Up Ocean County’s Private Facebook page has been removed by Facebook.

The private page was for “verified people” only.

Last week Facebook removed their main public page

The AG, Governor Murphy, Rachel Apter and others slammed the group and Facebook has finally acted.

Governor Murphy confirmed indeed Facebook removed the page – for good, saying:

“We just learned that Facebook has decided to take down the public page on the company’s social network called ‘Rise Up Ocean County.’ Facebook’s action comes ten months after the Director of our Division on Civil Rights, Rachel Wainer Apter, first sent a letter to Facebook expressing concerns about racist and anti-Semitic statements on the page. Since then, we’ve consistently and repeatedly made clear our view that the page appeared to violate Facebook’s terms of service, and we appreciate that Facebook has now decided that this kind of hateful rhetoric has no place on its platform.“There remains much that should be done to stop the spread of hate on the Internet. The Murphy Administration will continue to call out hate whenever and wherever we see it, we will persist in demanding meaningful reforms to address the proliferation of hate online, and we will continue working to make New Jersey a safe and inclusive place for all of our residents.”


  1. It’s not the end.
    It’s only the end on Facebook where everyone was able to monitor their agenda.
    Now it’ll move to a forum where the general population won’t have access to or information about.


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