The Friendship Circle, a project of Chabad, opens massive ‘Town’ for Special Needs children


Go to the bank, stop by the grocery store, have a seat in the movie theater or swing by the pet store to visit the hamsters.

It’s a typical day downtown, but this town can’t be found on the streets of any New Jersey city. It’s all in LifeTown, an indoor downtown replica created to teach children and young adults with special needs how to navigate the everyday world. 

The brand 53,000-square-foot center in Livingston, N.J., that promises to redefine the treatment landscape and the principle of community inclusion for people with special needs has opened.

“What we want to do is create a space where it’s easy for those with special needs and the wider outside community to interact and learn from each other,” said Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum, executive director of Friendship Circle. 

Senator Menendez wished Rabbi Grossman ‘mazel tov’ on Twitter and addded ‘This extraordinary educational facility is designed for children, teens AND adults with ASD, to empower them w/ real-world, hands-on experiences in a place where they can learn, grow & prepare to live independently.’


  1. Amazing. If only Australia would care for asd children and special needs. Noone cares here. I hate Australia and joe they just point fingers and not worry what damage is done


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