THEY TEAM UP AGAIN: RUOC and Moster from YAFFED team-up to fight Kapparos


The infamous Facebook hate group Rise Up Ocean County, whose days may be numbered, is going on an all-out attack against Kapparos.

Kapparos is a Minhag (tradition) that goes back to the times of the Talmud. Kaparos means ‘atonement.’ A chicken is passed over one’s head three times and a prayer is said. The chicken is then slaughtered in a humane fashion, as Jewish law requires, and is donated to the poor.

Many people have a minhag (tradition) to use money as kapparos.

The technicalities as to what the kapparos is for and how it works, is beyond the scope of this article. Click here for more information on that.

Naftali Moster the founder of YAFFED – an organization to ‘wreck the Yeshiva system’ posted an article against the Jewish tradition. RUOC happily reposted it, due to Moster’s request of spreading the message.

Of course, we are not going to post the message.

It is integral to note that Tzar Baalei Chaim – causing pain to a living creature, is prohibited by the Torah (May be D’rabanan but the Gemorah leans D’ioraysa). Anyone who injures or harms an animal – any animal – is going against the Torah and the law.

This is not the first the Moster and RUOC ‘teamed up.’ In early May GL ran a story titled: “Rise up goes after Yeshivos: After YAFFED fails to mess up the Yeshiva system, Rise up ocean county gives it a shot.”

The article read, in part:

Rise Up Ocean County is seeking to destroy our Yeshiva system. The infamous hate group is following in the steps of YAFFED – their apparent role-models. Rise up posted to their page the following

“RUOC begins a series of meetings with state education authorities to discuss additional oversight of private, religious schools statewide. Our hope is to bring an end to the perpetual cycle of welfare in Lakewood and to reduce the drain of public resources for private education. Wish us luck!“

Rise up reposted content from Haaretz – the left-wing Israeli news site, which had messed up numbers & stats, but they add in (some of) the following:

With little to no state oversight, millions of taxpayer dollars are spent to “educate” nearly 35,000 Haredi students in Lakewood today. They receive a top-notch Torah education but their secular education leaves them barely literate and unable to perform rudimentary math.

Unable to enter the secular workforce, many of these students eventually find their way to menial jobs…and the public assistance office conveniently located in Lakewood. And of course, for those unable to properly complete an application for public assistance there’s the Lakewood Resource and Referral Center.

As they say in their ‘opening statement’ Our hope is to bring an end to the perpetual cycle of welfare in Lakewood and to reduce the drain of public resources for private education.” Game on.

At the end of August, BMG Roshei Yeshiva signed a letter calling on everyone to write a letter to the NYS Education Department.

In the letter, the Roshei Yeshiva stress while this issue may appear to some to be a New York issue, it is not. They state ‘This danger not only affects those in New York but to all Yeshivos in America.”

As always, they were spot on.


  1. If anyone could let me know we’re RUOC headquarters is, I want to go there with a chicken and do, right in front of their noses. 👺 ☝️😜😛 & let them come out & try to 👊 me & we’ll have it on video בעזרת השם 😊

    • He hadn’t yet been evicted. His current address is listed on the publicly available court filing. I’m one of the mods on RUOC. While our basement is technically unfinished, we put a rug and a futon down there, along with a bucket, toilet paper and hand sanitizer so Rich and his wife Lisa will never be homeless. I believe in our cause!!!

  2. If you want to do kapporos, do it in your own daled amos. Don’t stick it in the eyes of the Akum. Chillul H-shem is a greater aveira than not doing kapporos with live fowl.

    • Sticking it in their face is not the problem here. They are looking for trouble and they are more than happy to find it so they can make a stink out of it. They couldn’t care less about the lives of chickens.

  3. First Moster (monster) pretended that he “cares” for the yeshiva students, claiming they need “higher level” and more hours of secular studies.

    NOW he is worried for the chickens 🐓 ,

    Hmm, something tells me he doesn’t care about chickens or the yeshiva students. By now his motivation is pretty clear, he hates his roots – he HATES being Jewish…

    It’s good for marketing to wear a Kappel..


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