Trump on defense after Air force crew & VP Pence stay at Trump resort


President Trump today said he had “NOTHING TO DO” with the Air Force allowing crews to stay at his luxury resort in Scotland during refueling stops.

Taking to Twitter, Trump wrote:

​”I know nothing about an Air Force plane landing at an airport (which I do not own and have nothing to do with) near Turnberry Resort (which I do own) in Scotland, and filling up with fuel, with the crew staying overnight at Turnberry (they have good taste!)​, “NOTHING TO DO WITH ME​.”

9 minutes later, Trump said he didn’t tell Vice President Mike Pence to stay at his resort in Ireland while he was visiting officials in the country last week.


“I had nothing to do with the decision of our great @VP Mike Pence to stay overnight at one of the Trump-owned resorts in Doonbeg, Ireland, Mike’s family has lived in Doonbeg for many years, and he thought that during his very busy European visit, he would stop and see his family!”

But Pence spokesman Marc Short said Trump suggested the veep stay at the resort, which is 180 miles from Dublin, where Pence attended the meetings reports the NY post.

“I don’t think it was a request, like a command ​… I think that it was a suggestion,”​ Short told reporters during the trip.


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