Trump’s Best lines: On Israel, Ruby Schron, Rubashkin, Iran & More!


President Donald Trump joined hundreds of Orthodox Jews at a fundraiser yesterday in New York City. The event reportedly raked in close to $5 Million dollars.

Here are Trump’s best lines.

On Israel: 

“We work hard on Israel, I have to tell you, I think I have an approval rating of 98%”

“If anything happened here, I’m making a trip to Israel. I’ll be Prime Minister there very quickly.”

“What kind of system is it, They are all fighting and fighting. We have different kinds of fights – at least we know who the boss is.”

“I think we’ll speak about Israel for a while. If we don’t, they’ll say ‘what a rotten speech that was’.”

On the Israeli Embassy:

“They came into my office to sign like a $1.3 billion deal. I said you know that’s a lot of money, what’s it for? They said sir we are going to buy a piece of land in Israel, a very location and we are going to build an embassy. I said yeah but that’s $1.3 Billion – (goes off) how the **** can you spend $1.3 Billion on a 1 story building, they can do it, the govt can do it – I can tell you stories all day long. In fact, it’s a bargain.”

On Ruby Schron:

“The United States you know, we are big property owners – bigger than Ruby (Schron)”

On Jews who don’t support Israel:

“When I was growing up, 97% of the people I knew were Jewish. The love & passion people had for Israel was incredible. When you look at what happened in the last 10-15 years, you need to have some serious talks about it. I just don’t understand it. I just don’t understand it.”

On Iran receiving cash from Obama:

…”More incredibly than the $150 billion is the $1.8 in green. I don’t know what’s more impressive the $150 billion or $1.8 billion in cash. I think the $1.8 in cash.”

On Rubashkin:

“28 years… – was very very sad. Many people came to ask about him – not just Jewish people. People thought it was so unfair. I didn’t know what the response would be. I’ll tell you, the response was incredible. The Hassidic community, the Jewish community, almost everybody loved that act I just remember the name because it was such a big deal at the time. It had to be done, it was very unfair.”

On Hillary Clinton:

President Trump mentions Clinton, the crowd boos, Trump says “well, 75% of you people voted for her.”


  1. POTUS is very funny!
    Its amazing how many people thought he was serious about his becoming PM of Israel. Its called TROLLING the left and he does it better than anyone. This is part of the reason we like him! He fights unlike the whimps named Bush, romney, johnny mccain etc.


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