TWITTER IN TROUBLE: Trump to battle Twitter over frozen McConnell account


Republicans are going to war with Twitter after the platform froze the Mitch McConnell re-election account this week because the campaign posted a video of threats directed at the Senate majority leader, just as President Trump is planning a separate crackdown on left-wing social media bias.

Reports say a ‘Draft Executive Order’ was already written.

FOX reports The National Republican Senatorial Committee on Thursday said it won’t spend money on Twitter until the situation is “adequately addressed.” A top official with the Republican National Committee also said the RNC and the Trump campaign would not spend money with Twitter “until they address this disgusting bias.”


  1. Massacremitch was to show how little he cares about the massacres, not a call to hurt him. I don’t know how anyone could confuse the two #MoscowMitch.


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