UPDATED: Ateres Tzipora, School starts TODAY, where do we stand?


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With thousands of girls excited to head off to school for their first day, sadly one hundred are left out. Ateres Tziporah girls still have no uniform to wear.

Sources tell GreaterLakewood a number of schools will be taking in girls, but the parents were not yet informed. GL spoke with multiple parents who said they were davening for a school but had received no updates to tell their daughters.

A boy’s Talmud Torah took over the Ateres Tzipora building and changed the locks…

It remains unclear why the word communication was omitted from this whole saga and if anything is indeed being done, why not let people know so they can reassure their daughters…

Stay involved – Here is how


Roughly five weeks ago, parents of the Ateres Tziporah girls school received a letter in the mail saying “As you all know, the school has been faced with challenges and struggles over the past few years…At this point, we have come to a very clear, defined, and conclusive decision, that keeping the school open is simply not possible.”

And with that, 140 girls were suddenly left without a school. No warning, no heads up, nothing.

GL broke the news that the letter was written by a person involved in the school, without the permission of the principal, Mrs. Insel.

The letter stated, “We have spoken with other Mosdos and askanim and there is strong willingness and commitment to help make sure that every girl finds a suitable school for next year.”

One parent wrote a letter about the situation, and GreaterLakewood spoke with multiple other parents who said they were never contacted by anyone in the VAAD or any other askanim.

Parents desperately called schools – which were closed – and left messages hoping for a miracle. Everyone was left in the dark trying to fend for their daughters.

The one thing parents were most surprised by, was the lack of communication and guidance from ‘Lakewood’s leadership.’ Close to 100 parents were left with no one to turn to.

The underlying questions are why did Ateres Tziporah close down, and who closed it down…


With school only 9 days away, GreaterLakewood spoke with multiple parents, who said they are still calling other schools to see if they will take in their child.

It appears tomorrow there may be news regarding rebranding the school and perhaps even renaming it. But at this point, nothing is for certain.

Many teachers who were also unaware about the school’s closing till a few weeks ago, are unable to find employment.

Parents tell GL, they understand that most schools are full but feel there are some schools that can take a few kids in each grade. Parents added that sadly they ‘have no plan’ adding, ‘It is really hard on the kids.’

GL spoke with parents who will likely bus their children to schools farther away, but admit this is only a temporary solution.

It is important to note perhaps it is no-one’s ‘responsibility’ to help these families, but the question needs to be asked if this were to happen to a Yeshivishe school, would they all be left in the dark? would 100 innocent neshomos be stranded?

What can we do?

If we know an Ateres Tzipora family or child, reach out if you can help. Perhaps you can offer advice, perhaps you know the head of a school, perhaps you can just be supportive.

The Gemorah in Baba Basra (Daf Tes) says, speaking and giving chizuk to a poor person is greater than actually giving him money. Support really matters!

ואמר רבי יצחק כל הנותן פרוטה לעני מתברך בשש ברכות והמפייסו בדברים מתברך בי”א ברכות

The Yerushalmi uses a mashal to explain the Mitzvah of ahavas Yisrael. If a person were to cut a piece of meat with a knife and by mistake cut his hand, would one hit the other to reprimand it? So too, in ahavas Yisrael, each Jew must view the other as part of the same body.


  1. 1)Daven to Hashem directly from your open hearts for help

    2)everyone as a zchus to bring mashiach donate $50 or more to ateres tzippora and that should be enough for the upkeep to keep the school going for the next few years. But they shouldn’t need those next few years cause if Hashem sees our true love and care for each other it should be a zechus to bring mashiach immediately


  2. Isn’t this just scratching the surface?
    Isn’t there much more to the story?
    This reads like a lakewood scoop article…
    Of course nothing will ever change if nobody posts the real truth and the actual facts of the story.

    • Well, yes, there is more. It’s obvious and we all know it. There’s no need to even say it. The money parents pay for tuition doesn’t cover the cost of the school.

      This is self evident. Because almost by definition the tuition cost per child is something like the total cost to run the school divided by the number of students.

      So, if all families paid full tuition, the school would be open, barring corruption or mismanagement.

      What we have are communities with families that bring children into the world, want the children educated at the current standards set by what are perceived to be the best schools, and who do not have the means to pay for the education.

      The financial slack has to be taken up by other parents paying more than their share, by donations, and/or by the government.

      As the community expands faster than wealthier parents, donors, and taxpayers are willing to increase their subsidies to schools, it’s inevitable schools will have to change.

      One change a school can go through is to go out of business, as in this case. Another way is to become more efficient. Sacrifice some of the staff, and make large open classrooms ala the old fashioned Cheder.

      Ayone who wants to discuss these ideas, please contact me.

      Joe Orlow
      240-853-5386 (voice, text, Whatsapp)

  3. I agree with Rina.

    There’s much more to this story.

    I also feel that the VAAD at this point in null and void. Nothing productive out of this VAAD

  4. I usually understand the side of schools who can’t accept more children due to overcrowding, but this situation is unusual and the schools have to squeeze these kids in. This is not a case of a family moving from out of town and expecting to get into a school. This is a case of a school suddenly closing and leaving staff and students stranded. Even though the school had problems before, it was still a surprise when it just shut down suddenly. Every school must help. As it is, I feel so bad for the students, even when they get into schools. They have to adjust to a new school and new friends after they had been used to a school already. This situation is hearbreaking.

  5. This whole saga has left me so sad and with a bitter taste in my mouth. We all know there had to be a solution down the road. Why did it have to be done in such a cruel way, putting these families in a position of bizayon? Why did we have to wait until the last minute? Why couldn’t these already suffering families be treated in a more bechovodik manner? Not only do we need to help these girls, we have to do it compassionately!

  6. One statement here seems strange to me..
    “The one thing parents were most surprised by, was the lack of communication and guidance from ‘Lakewood’s leadership.’ Close to 100 parents were left with no one to turn to.”
    Every family should have a Rav that guides them for halacha and hashkofa.
    That same Rav would in this case be intimately involved in helping out his families. It is not ok to get angry and run and demand help suddenly when you had no sheichas to a Rav until now. Why don’t these families have a Rav or Rosh Yeshiva that they are close to??
    Also where is the appreciation for this askonim that worked tirelessly with no compensation or recognition?


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