Opinion: Attn Rise Up Ocean County, You asked us to knock!


The folks over at RUOC recently had a rough stretch of luck.  It seems their planned parade through Lakewood (yielding under 30 signups) did not take place.  So, in search of some media attention, they’ve decided to post the following.

In an effort to “keep the Jews out” they had an epiphany, likely inspired by the “eruv rav”, to place a cheap Mezuzah case on the door so that Jews would not solicit and request to purchase their homes.  These cases are transparent so it may be a bit obvious that nothing is inside… 

Now, what happens when a Jew notices a Mezuza on the doorpost?  The kids come collecting Tzedaka, neighbors come to borrow flour and eggs, and  meshulachim converge from all over. 

Many of the kids who come collecting, are raising funds so their Yeshivos can knock down more trees and build larger and roomier schools.

So, when a Jew knocks on your door asking you to help fund “new construction”, remember, you asked for it.

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  1. RUOC aside, “over zealous realtors” may be responsible for a chillul Hashem. If the homeowners are on a no hassle list then knocking is incredibly selfish and annoying- causing people to stereotype all of us that way.


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