WATCH: 150 baalei Batim come back to BMG to experience a first seder


BMG recently started making Yarchei Kalla programs for baalei batim in Yeshiva. Today – before Shavous was the second time this was done.

Baalei Batim receive breakfast and then learn in the Ezras nashim in the Hertzka Building.

Today 150 baalei batim came to join the program which began with a shmuz from R’ Yisroel and concluded with a shiur from R’ Malkiel.

The beautiful Kiddush Hashem was sponsored by the Rothenberg Law Firm


  1. Wow! I hadn’t heard about this, and I recognized someone from the video and texted him. Apparently this is entirely free and you can sign up to hear about the next one they do by emailing the email on the sign.

    Which I just did!


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