WhatsApp Closes Down Massive ‘Status’ Accounts


A number of massive Jewish WhatsApp ‘Status’ accounts have been closed down, throwing the Jewish marketing world into a frenzy.

It is not yet clear if there were copyright violations, an excessive amount of complaints, (not likely to happen to so many accounts simultaneously) or third party apps that can cause WhatsApp to temporary ban accounts.

One of our favorite ones ‘belaaz’ is down.

Hopefully they will be reinstated.

Forbes reports ‘Some third-party apps like GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus add extra features to the service, but they do so without any permission and so the company is cracking down on them.’

The report adds that ‘WhatsApp’s suggestion is that you move back to the official app when that ban is lifted. You should not, then, have any further problems.

Obviously users will find that they can’t automatically move over their chat history, which will alarm some, but WhatsApp isn’t leaving you high and dry, it has some guidance on moving back to the official app.’

In the meantime, a petition was started to get Belaaz back up.

Check it out HERE.



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