Zusha & Pumpidisa feat. Matt Dubb – Baruch Hashem

Duration 3:30

Pumpidisa, Zusha and Matt Dubb released this video for the young and inspired spirit. To dance and express blessings to HaShem for all the good He does for us on the daily.

The idea of bringing these words “Baruch HaShem” to this beautiful tune, came down by Rabbi Weingott of Yeshivas Shalom Rav in the Old City Tzfat, where it was sang at many inspirational Farbrengens.

This unique collaboration of Pumpidisa and Zusha is driven by the idea that Tzvi Levin from Pumpidisa and Zachariah Goldschmiedt of Zusha both spent time at Rabbi Weingott’s Yeshiva in Tzfat. Matt Dubb? Once you have something so good going on, how can you not get him involved?!

It is known, the Master of Chassidus, The Baal Shem Tov would ask people how their day is going just so they would respond “Baruch HaShem!”.



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